1962 VW Stretched Kombi

I must admit, when I decided to go along to the Shannon’s Classic Cars and Coffee in Mandurah this morning I wasn’t expecting to see this. 

Ricky and Jenny from Kurley’s Classic Kombi Limousines in Mandurah turned up in their 1962 VW Stretched Kombi and with the rumble that followed no one could have missed their arrival - or departure for that matter! 

Owning a split screen VW Kombi happens to be a personal goal of mine and seeing this example sure helps to keep the dream alive.

Ricky and Jenny’s Kombi seats 10, looks impressive and is available for hire for everything from school balls to high end weddings. 

Thanks for coming along this morning guys and we’d love to find out more about your Kombi in a QUINFO listing. 

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