Blackwood was the codename for the Ford Australia development program of the XD range, introduced in March 1979.

When first introduced it was a huge step forward after the iconic XA/XB/XC Falcons and was the first model to incorporate new plastics technology, including a plastic fuel tank and bumpers.

I remember “old-timers” at the time bemoaning the fact that there was less real steel in the car, however, hindsight is a wonderful thing and with the benefit of it, there’s no doubt the XD was a very significant car for Ford and is now becoming a sought-after classic in its own right.

Introduced with 3.3, 4.1, 4.9 and 5.8 litre engines, plus model variants from Falcon GL though Fairmont and up to Fairmont Ghia, with the optionsof an S-Pack or European Sports Pack (ESP) box to tick when ordering on some models, it quickly became an all-time Aussie favourite.

During 1980 an update model was released which included an alloy head for the ageing six cylinderengines in a bid to improve fuel economy.

In excess of 197,000 cars had been built by the time XD production ceased in March 1982, superseded by the XE series.

At Perth’s Targa West classic car display held on Riverside Drive on Sunday, August 12th 2018, was a base model XD sedan.

Everyone loves a poverty pack Aussie car and they don’t come much more base model than this one. From its basic GL specification to its unimaginativepaint colour, 3.3 litre engine, four speed manual gearbox and “four-forty airconditiong” (roll down allfour windows and drive at forty miles per hour), there were no option boxes ticked on this one.

However, it stood out because it has been meticulously cared for over its life and it certainly didn’t fade into the background, despite being in the company of some pretty exotic automotive machinery.

Owner Max told us that he bought the car “ex-east” in 2010 and drove it back to W.A. from Melbourne.

I think most of us would be more than happy to have a classic XD such as this one parked in the shed.

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