Chrysler Valiant CM

About four years ago a September 1980 build Valiant CM sedan was rescued from a farm shed in rural NSW and brought to WA for a better life.

It left the factory thirty eight years ago with option codes E33 (265 cu in engine), D32 (auto column shift) and A45 (towing package), finished in Spinnaker White with Satin Parchment interior trim.

So essentially, a poverty pack base-model with just a couple of option boxes ticked.

Whilst enjoying its slumber in the farm shed, the car was mostly protected from the elements, however, the left hand side did cop a bit of the fierce Aussie sun and the paint had deteriorated more than elsewhere on the car. There was also some minor panel damage to the lower left hand front guard. At some point, the previous owner had attempted to repair it himself. He shouldn’t have.

The interior is in near perfect condition with the trim, carpets and hood lining in great shape, other than a couple of minor splits on the driver’s seat.

The car is non-matching numbers currently running an early ‘70s 265, however, moves are afoot to reunite the car with its original engine as its current whereabouts are known.

It also sports a CL grille rather than the correct CM item and is missing some of its body trim parts.

So, some four years after coming to WA, it’s time for a bit of TLC for the car body.

The Valiant was sent to Mandurah Classic & Custom to repair the lower front left guard and carry out paint repairs to the left hand side. At the same time, the bonnet will be painted due to some surface rust spots and other parts of the car will be given some minor attention and brush touch-ups.

This is not a full restoration, far from it – just a general body and paint tidy up by the talented boys at Mandurah Classic & Custom.

We’ll keep you posted on its progress.

Revs Check / Car History Check

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