Cranky 31 - The Improved Model A

Cranky 31

Every day I'm blown away by the sheer quality of craftsmanship that we have in this country. From trim to panel to paint and everything in between, we seem to have a never ending pool of people pushing the boundaries and not only restoring or preserving cars of days gone by, but leaving their mark in unforgettable ways. 

Cranky 31 is the result of such creativity, perseverance and love for the automotive industry. 

Spotted recently at the Toodyay Car and Motorcycle Show, the quality of this car is out of this world. I got in touch with the owner Cranky, to get a bit of background on what makes this Model A Ford a real head turner. 

The 31 Improved A currently runs a stroked 347 DART Windsor, 6-71 BDS Blower and PA C4 Auto, Tru Trac 9in rear - a long way from the body and basic frame that Cranky started with in 2006. 

The build took place over an 8 year period with Cranky being the mastermind behind the design and personally completing around 90% of the interior before handing it over for final touches and red leather work. Cranky 31 was completed and licensed in time for the 2013 WA Hotrod Show with a few tweaks in the pipeline for after the show. 

Paint layout was Cranky's design and the incredible air brushing was the product of Jamie at Creative Works and final flame layout by Wayne at WPDI

The result of years of innovation, blood sweat and tears has been nothing short of overwhelming with the public reaction blown away time and time again, not to mention an invite to the 2013 Motorex and fulfilling a childhood dream of having a Rod featured (on the cover no less) in the Australian Street Rodding Magazine

Having reached the top of the street rod scene, what's next for Cranky? Another 31 of course but this time a pickup and while there is no intention to build it to the same level of Cranky 31, I have no doubt that quality and creativity will still be the driving factors in the build. Can't wait to see what you come up with! 

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