Department of Supply - a Holden FJ in short supply

Peter has been a member of QUINFO since the day it launched back in 2017 and has sent us the following snippet. 

When it comes to rare Holden FJ vehicles, Don Loffler - a very well known and respected historian - notes in his book "The FJ Holden":

"GMH records tell us that sedans, utilities and panel vans were adapted to suit the requirements of many government departments - Army, Civil Aviation, Navy, PMG (Post Master General), RAAF, Supply and Works, though not all departments used each of the body styles." 

"Despite extensive inquiries, I have not heard of a single surviving FJ utility or panel van from the department of the Navy, RAAF or Civil Aviation, nor any Army panel van or department of Works utility. The number of fully restored ex-government FJ's appears to be less than ten." 

This makes this 1956 Department of Supply Holden FJ Utility a very rare vehicle in its own right. Restored by Peter to original specifications, the only non original items are 12v electrics with indicators and a digital temperature guage. 

If anyone else has an ex-government FJ in any condition, we'd love to hear from you!

Check out Peter's QUINFO listing here for more details and specifications, or follow it to be kept up to date with new photos and information.  

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