How to Scan QR Codes

Despite having been around for almost 20 years, QR Codes are still a great 'unknown' for many people, not least of which when it comes to scanning them. Luckily, scanning these codes is getting easier and there are many free apps out there - if you even need one.

This post explains how to scan codes on iPhones/iPads, Pixel phones and Android Phones/Tablets. 

Scanning QR Codes on an iPhone / iPad

Newer versions of the iPhone and iPad can scan codes using the camera which means there is no need to download an app. Simply open the Camera and point it at the code. A message will appear to let you know the code has been detected and clicking on that will open the link. 

If your camera is not recognising the code automatically, we recommend downloading the QR Reader for iPhone app.

Scanning QR Codes on a Pixel Phone

Pixel phones have the scanner built into the camera. Open the Camera and point it at the code to scan it.

Scanning QR Codes on an Anroid Phone / Tablet

Android phones and tablets don't have a scanner built into the camera but there are two great ways to scan codes still.

  1. Bixby Vision
    Open your camera and in the top left you should see a link for Bixby Vision. Clicking on this will walk you through enabling it, which will involve allowing some permissions so that it can access the camera. Once enabled, to scan codes you just have to go to your camera, click on Bixby Vision, select the QR Reader option then point the camera at the QR Code. 
  2. Google Lens
    If Bixby Vision sounds too complicated or you don't see that option, you can download a free app called Google Lens. Once installed, open it and when prompted, Allow Google to take pictures and record video. Then simply point your phone/tablet at the code to scan it. 

If you are still having issues scanning codes, feel free to get in touch with us and we will see what we can work out for you. 

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