Persu’s Dreamliner

This is the first car that was built completely under the principle of aerodynamic efficiency reaching a drag co-efficiency 0.22 in 1923.

The car, called Dreamliner, was designed, financed and built by Romanian engineer Aurel Persu. His shape of reference was the shape of a tear drop.

The car was also the first car to have its wheels inside the body line.

As well as being able to corner at 60kmh - an unheard of speed at the time due to having given up the differential for the transmission of engine torque or so I have read. No more information on that comment other than to say it must have been front wheel drive as i cannot find information on what the museum is talking about.

After travelling more than 120000km in the car Persu donated it to the technical museum Bucharest. The aerodynamics of the car allowed it to use 4 to 5 times less fuel than other cars of the time which were mostly in the .7 to .8 range with regards to aerodynamic drag.


Written by Godfrey Gregor and referencing Wikipedia 

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