Rarity vs Desirability

There are rare cars.

There are common cars.

There are desirable cars.

There are those cars that are both rare and desirable.

Then there are those that are common and desirable.

Or common and undesirable.

And rare and undesirable.

Rarity does not equate to desirability.

And desirability does not necessarily equal rarity.

Get the picture?

There is no doubt that some people think that because they own a car of which few have survived that somehow it must therefore be worth more. I’m sure that without offending anyone, we can all think of a car that fits within that category.

But if there’s no one who wants to own it, it could be a genuine all-wheel-drive twin overhead cam Tasmanian Tiger but it isn’t valuable because no one wants it.

Basic economics 101 – supply and demand.

Then there are cars of which thousands have been made, but lots of people want to own one but can’t, for whatever reason.

How about some of these vehicle reports that are supplied by various manufacturers and other organisations that say, for example, a car is one of five hundred, but one of only three hundred with that particular engine/transmission combination, one of only one hundred with that trim colour, one of only twenty with a vinyl roof and one of only one with all of the aforementioned AND those particular sports wheels. Therefore, it’s a unique vehicle, the only one like it in the world and therefore very rare. The elusive one of one. But is it really rare?

What are your thoughts on the rarity v desirability equation? Have you got a rare and desirable car? 

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