Sand Barra - the HZ Holden Ute

Sand Barra - HZ Holden Ute

In October 2016, an HZ Holden Ute with a 202 red motor sat in a dairy farm shed having led what we can only assume was a fairly standard life since leaving the Holden factory.


All that was about to change though, as Chris Dicker of Dicker's Speed Shoppe had a vision, a dream to create something that would challenge himself personally - a challenge that would see him put a 4.0lt Barra Turbo Motor into the HZ Holden Ute. 

While the motivation for the build was purely personal, Chris knew it would cause a stir so if it was going to be done, it would need to be done right - which is exactly what he did. The result makes some enthusiasts weak in the knees while others are crying 'BLASPHEMY!' as they search for their pitch forks and begin planning an anti Ford or Holden crusade.

Over the course of almost 2 years, many hands in and around the Speed Shoppe got to work designing, customising and building the HZ Holden Ute that enthusiasts for years to come will know as 'Sand Barra'. 

Some major customisations were required, not least of which included the modified sump and repositioning of the fuel tank but the end result is this high quality combination of two no longer locally manufactured marques, featuring:

  • 4.0lt 2010 FG 'Barra' Turbo Motor
  • ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Salisbury 3.55 LSD
  • Savannah Ivory Metallic Paint

Love it or hate it, there is no denying the passion and the quality of the work that has gone into this beast. 

Robert Doc Bob Hunt who worked with Chris on the car sums it up well on facebook, saying "I reckon it's a good final tribute to the now dead Australian Car Industry combining the classic Aussie ute and the most popular engine in one vehicle." - Couldn't agree with you more Bob!

Click here for more information and photos.

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