Valerie Comes Home

The acrylic paint has now been applied and polished and the car has been collected and taken home.

As stated at the beginning, this is not a restoration and was never intended to be. It’s just a general fix up of minor dents and paint defects to make the car neat and presentable on the road (which is where we hope it will be soon).

Not the sort of job ordinarily undertaken at Mandurah Classic & Custom because they do full restorations, but what a difference it has made.

Some exterior trim parts now require cleaning up and re-fitting but it was nice to see the guys go that little bit above and beyond what was expected by also painting the rear grey panel between the tail lights and the wheels, jobs which were not included in the original quote.

So the next step is to completely put the car back together, including the correct CM grille, then on to the mechanicals in readiness for licensing.

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Revs Check / Car History Check

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