XA GT-HO Phase IV - The Third Owner

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Name: Kirk Gostevsky
Purchase Date: 15/5/1981
Purchase Price: $20,000.00
Words by Roy Velardi

Kirk Gostevsky was the third owner of the Phase IV and was probably the most adventurous of all them all. Kirk was no stranger to the Ford marque having owned several examples which included an Onyx Black, White trimmed, windback sunroof equipped genuine XY GT, a Monza Green Phase III that was stolen and recovered only just six weeks of ownership. Also there was a Yellow Fire XAGT sedan he once owned as well, all before owning rarest of them all, the Phase IV. Check out the pics of those cars in this post :)

First up let’s bust the myth that Kirk was a bricklayer. I managed to track him down in Queensland and got him on the phone.
After explaining who I was and why I was calling him the first question I asked was his occupation. I was expecting to hear “I’m a bricklayer” come through the phone, but Gostevsky uttered “I’m a carpenter”.
Kirk then went on to say how all the old magazines had got it wrong saying that he was a bricklayer and so on. I asked if he had ever carried bricks in the boot of the Phase IV, to which he replied “no way, not ever”.

After chatting some more he revealed that he used to drive the car quite a lot including driving it to Gladstone QLD to visit his parents. I then asked if he had any old photos of the car and he replied that he had several albums with plenty of photos. You could imagine my eagerness to meet with him and take a look at the photos.

Kirk refused to mail the photos to me fearing they may get lost or damaged in the process. I agreed. I boarded a plane and visited him. I checked out every album and in the end made copies of around 60 photos with his permission of course. It was literally HO Heaven.

Some of the photo’s included trips away to the snow, in the backyard of his home in Auburn NSW and even on the road cruising with his mates.

Kirk recalls driving the car hard. In fact he told me that he once had a run on the highway whilst travelling to Perisher Valley against a 911 Porsche. He flew past the little German at a speed of around 140mph with ease. He says the Phase IV was The King on the road. Nothing came close to it at all. I asked him to sum the car up, “It was full of grunt, fast and attracted the girls”
He added a few personal touches to the car including adding the tow bar to pull his box trailer full of tools etc. He also added an alarm and the Shelby Cobra badges on the front guards. Not too long after buying the car he replaced the factory style exhaust system with a much bigger and louder version.

He remembers being pulled over in Homebush NSW by the Police who issued him with a defect notice (see the photo with the yellow sticker on the windscreen) as it was deemed too loud for road use.
After owning the Phase IV for about 19 months Kirk decided to sell it as he wasn’t using it much lately and had it stored at his parents property. Upon driving it home from Gladstone QLD he contacted Bob and asked if he’d buy it back.

Bob agreed and purchased the car back for $14,000.00 on the 3/1/1983 with just 67,000 miles showing on the odometer. Bob cleaned it up again and didn’t really drive it all that much the second time around.
Sensing that he could turn the car around and sell it again for a neat profit he advertised it in the paper. Not long after the car was sold this time quite easily. This brings us to the fourth and current owner of the Phase IV, “The Dentist” 

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