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Innovation plays a huge part in what QUINFO is, how it works and where QUINFO will be taking you all in the future. As such, this post is the first in a series relating to innovation and the automotive world - so strap yourselves in, get out your smart phones, hook up your virtual reality goggles and sit back while your autonomous vehicle takes you on a journey where no car enthusiast has gone before! 

It doesn't take a push notification on your phone to know that technology has been advancing at a rapid rate and we live in an age where by the time something new is released to the public, it is already out of date. The car enthusiasts of today grew up with cars that could be easily modified, restored and repaired albeit with the right tools, skills and experience. We are nostalgic for the cars we used to own, the cars we worked on with parents and friends and the good times we enjoyed driving down the quarter mile or possibly to the church picnic ;) 

It is for these reasons that emotions run high when we hear of proposals to push for electric only cars on Australian roads by 2030, and plans to release fully autonomous vehicles on Australian roads.

However many angry emoji's this makes you want to paste into the comments, we can't ignore the fact that possibly for our kids but almost certainly for our grandkids: autonomous and electric vehicles will be the new normal

Jim Belosic illustrates this well with the "Teslonda". 

The first time I saw this video I thought "well that's weird". But the more I watch, the more I realise that what Jim has done is nothing short of extraordinary. Jim is a man who grew up "wrenching" with his dad in the garage, learning the skills and gaining the experience required to modify and appreciate cars as we know them. 

He has then taken his knowledge of technology and applied that to his automotive passion, bringing the new to the old and transforming a Honda Accord into a fully electric vehicle capable of 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.48 seconds. What Jim has done demonstrates that externally and even internally we can still repair, restore and appreciate the design and character of old cars. The art of panel and paint remains as it always has and we can integrate new instrument displays into existing dashboards and centre consoles.

Under the bonnet though is where the "scary stuff" is and the lack of sound probably makes it a bit boring for us - but the beauty of this digital world is that it would be possible to replicate even the sound, or better yet have a selection of engine sounds you could choose from!  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should get out there and swap out all the petrol and diesel engines - far from it in fact - but I do think electric vehicles and the ability to convert existing cars to electric gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with our own kids and grandkids into the future, sharing the same automotive passion but from different ends of the spectrum. 

What are your thoughts? A complete no-go and the destruction of the automotive industry, or will you be taking up the challenge and tackling your own electric project vehicles? 

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