The Donut: Fiat 500

QUINFO's latest initiative is to bring you reviews in a new way. Using the latest in 360 degree video equipment you can ride on board with us.

Use your mouse on a computer, or your finger on mobile devices (for some devices you may even just have to move the device) to drag the video up, down, left and right - giving you the power to decide what you are looking at and when.

Enjoy the scenery out the windscreen, check out the interior or even watch us as we meet passionate car owners and find out more about their pride and joy. 

In our very first video, meet Laz and ride in his Fiat 500 - we bet there's more room where you are than inside the actual car but hopefully the ride is just as enjoyable! 

Want to share your ride with the world in 360 degree goodness? Contact us and we'll see what we can work out! 

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