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Department of Supply

Proud as
  • An early pic when I was younger
  • Before restoration
  • Before restoration
  • During restoration
  • During restoration
  • Engine overhauled, painted and ready to go in
  • Upholstery done
  • Rear tray done
  • Engine in
  • Almost done
  • Look at the shine
  • Me ready for a drive
  • Parked up at home
  • Parked up at home
  • Parked up at home
  • My family
  • My family
  • My youngest,Jack
  • Close up of front
  • Closeup of grill
  • At my parents property
This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Holden
  • Model:FJ UTE
  • Year:1956

Perth built vehicle from the Mosman Park assembly line.

Originally built for use by the government of the day

Bought through the Sunday Times in 1996 it was professionally restored in 2010, taking 18 months to complete.


Restored to original specifications with grey motor and 3 speed on the tree. The only none original items are 12v electrics with indicators and a digital temperature gauge

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