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1972 Ford Falcon XA GT-HO Phase IV

This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Ford
  • Model:Falcon XA GT-HO Phase IV
  • Year:1972

The following information has been collected and written by Roy Velardi. For the latest news and updates about Australia's rarest muscle car, follow Team PHASE 4 on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Team-PHASE-4-477156856075229

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Order Date: 15/5/1972
Delivery Date: 17/1/1973
First Registered: 19/1/1973
Sale Date: 26/3/1973

The sole production Phase IV was ordered by Jack Brabham Ford as a retail order and not as dealer stock. On the 15/5/1972 the order came through to the Ford Broadmeadows head office and so began the production of what is now Australia’s rarest muscle car. The vehicle build sheet reveals this information by way of order codes and dates. 

The First Owner

Name: John Despard Hemphill (J.A Hemphill & Sons Pty Ltd) 
Purchase Date: 26/3/1973 
Purchase Price: $4220.07

John Hemphill was the first official owner of the Phase IV and he was 50 years-old at the time. His name is credited in the Ford factory logbooks/owner’s manual of which I have sighted and can confirm is original. Hemphill was a regular customer at Brabhams and had previously owned a Monza Green delete-stripe XY GT-HO and a Track Red XY GT-HO. 

Full article: https://www.quinfo.com.au/blog-post/general/xa-gt-ho-phase-iv-the-first-owner

The Second Owner

Name: Robert 'Bob' Lahood (Lahood Motors Pty Ltd)
Purchase Date: 31/10/1978 
Purchase Price: $6000.00

Robert Lahood, better known as Bob, was a used car salesman and had a car yard on Parramatta Road that specialised in buying and selling muscle cars. Bob had first heard of the Phase IV back in the early 1970s when all the hype was surrounding the supercar scare. Like every muscle car fan back then, he read in the newspapers that the big three manufacturers had dropped their supercar plans. For Ford this meant the Phase IV program. You could imagine Bob’s disbelief when good friend Paul Bianco called him up one day saying that the one and only Phase IV was up for sale.

Full article: https://www.quinfo.com.au/blog-post/general/xa-gt-ho-phase-iv-the-second-owner

The Third Owner

Name: Kirk Gostevsky
Purchase Date: 15/5/1981
Purchase Price: $20,000.00

Kirk Gostevsky was the third owner of the Phase IV and was probably the most adventurous of all them all. Kirk was no stranger to the Ford marque having owned several examples which included an Onyx Black, White trimmed, windback sunroof equipped genuine XY GT, a Monza Green Phase III that was stolen and recovered only just six weeks of ownership. Also there was a Yellow Fire XAGT sedan he once owned as well, all before owning rarest of them all, the Phase IV.

Full article: https://www.quinfo.com.au/blog-post/general/xa-gt-ho-phase-iv-the-third-owner

The Fourth Owner

Name: 'The Dentist'
Purchase Date: 28/1/1985 
Purchase Price: $20,000.00

The fourth and current owner of the Phase IV bought it from Bob Lahood after seeing it advertised in the newspaper on the 27/1/1985. He recalls the day like it was yesterday. He and a few friends were preparing to go for a ride in a boat and he grabbed the newspaper before heading off to the Silverwater boat ramp. While taking a break on the water, he read through the classifieds in the newspaper and noted an XA GT-HO for sale. He was on the water and couldn’t just call the number in the ad (no mobile phones back then), so he waited until he got back to Silverwater, more specifically Silverwater Road, where he stopped at a red telephone box on the side of the road and enquired about the car.

Full article: https://www.quinfo.com.au/blog-post/general/xa-gt-ho-phase-iv-the-fourth-owner

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