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1972 Holden Monaro - Rock In Peace Tribute

This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Holden
  • Model:Monaro
  • Year:1972

MY 72HQ - Rock In Peace - HQ Coupe

The car was originally purchased in mid 2007 in S.A. and was originally a base model 6-cylinder in, patina gold metallic with an antique saddle brown interior from factory however, when Ron purchased it, it was running a 350, T400 and 9”. It was in pretty good nick, had a pretty good body with only a tiny bit of rust in it, but nice and straight, interior wasn't so flash though, but we could live with it. 

Turns out we lived with the car as it was purchased for about 5 yrs before doing anything with it. 1st item on the list was the interior. Ron decided to change it to black roebuck and houndstooth inserts for the seats.

Then after checking out the 2012 Monaro Nationals in Busselton and a few other car shows we got inspired and decided to bite the bullet and look for someone to do a bare metal respray.

We found a local company that did both the respray and engine work and had the car booked in for Dec 2012 and decided to change the colour to a midnight blue and went with Holden's, vespers blue. Unfortunately resto 1.0 turned out to be a big flop, whilst from a distance the paint job looked good, up close there were lots of flaws, that were so bad it required us to have the car resprayed again 5 short years later, almost to the date at our cost, the company wanted nothing to do with it, thankfully they are no longer in business. 

We had the engine stroked to a 383,  Specs are; Scat 9000 series rotating stroker kit, Carrillo Pistons, Comp Ultra Roller Rockers, Comp Cams Hydraulic roller cam, Alloy heads. Turbo 400 has a 3000-stall converter and a stage 2 shift kit. Diff is a 9” LSD with 3.25 gears. It has 4-wheel Disc brakes and blacks’ racks rack & pinion steering. Rims are, American Racing Wheels Torq Thrust 11 (as in 2 ones not eleven) in the PVD finish. Fronts 15x7 205x60, rears, 15x8 265x50. Guages are from Speedhut. The air intake was sourced out of the USA so we wouldn’t have to cut a hole in the bonnet due to the hi-rise manifold fitted. Ron didn’t like it at first but it has since grown on him. 

During the 1st rebuild of the car it was decided that we would have some airbrushing done on the underside of the bonnet. We are big music lovers and as we had lost quite a few music legends, in a pretty short period of time, and then hearing about Doc Neeson's passing we decided to create a Rock In Peace tribute. We chose Bon Scott - AC/DC, Doc Neeson - The Angels, Billy Thorpe - And the Aztecs and Chrissy Amphlett - The Divinyls, all lead singers from some of our favourite Aussie bands from the same era of the car. The artwork was done twice, by 2 different artists. Kathy Nathen from In2Creations has an amazing natural talent, especially for portraits, and thankfully she agreed to take on the project to redo it just 3 months after it was originally done. 

After much disappointment from the 1st respray and the flaws continuing to spread it was decided that we needed to do something to rectify it and decided to have the car resprayed again. Long story short, after spending roughly 12 months looking for a painter to take on the job we finally sourced someone who was willing to take it on, Sam Hawkins from, Awesam Paintworks. We decided to change the colour again as there was way too much angst associated with the midnight blue. Sam loves to customise his colours, which means there will never be another car exactly the same colour as yours. We chose to go with Barbados Green with a gold pearl, and absolutely love it. Sam is not only a car painter, but also an airbrush artist too, so he was able to maintain the original artwork for us, saving us quite a bit of money.

It was decided to add another tribute to the car, this time under the boot lid, which saw us having to get the boot fabricated so it was all smooth. Bruno from Rod & Kustom Garage did all the fab work and rust repairs on the car and Sam did the artwork. This time we decided to pay homage to the lesser recognised band members but equally as important in our eyes and chose Malcolm Young - AC/DC's rhythm guitarist , Pete Wells - Rose Tattoo's slide guitarist and Steve Prestwich - Cold Chisel's drummer. 

We are so happy now with the car's appearance the only things left to do now is to rebuild the engine again, hopefully in the not too distant future. 

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