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1976 Holden Torana SLR 5000 =>> SLR 8000

Litre8 @ Showcars Melbourne 2020
This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Holden Torana
  • Model:SLR 5000 =>> SLR 8000
  • Year:1976

Purchased new in April 1976.

Currently running 564ci aluminium BB Chevrolet (KB) block, AFR 335 heads, custom Howard's roller cam, Motec M48 injection, Kinsler x-ram manifold, dry sump (12 litre), Jerico 5 speed road race gearbox (dog engagement, oil pump and oil cooler), full floater 9" differential with Harrop aluminium centre, 31 spline hi-tuff axles, 2.5:1 Detroit locker, 1/2 degree -ve camber, 1/4 degree toe in, 13.5" front discs with TWR staggered 4 piston 4 billet calipers, 12.5" rear discs with TWR staggered 4 piston billet calipers, dash adjustable Tilton brake bias balance bar, 17"x10" Compomotive 3 piece wheels running 265/625 Dunlop slicks. front end 3degree +caster, 3 degree -ve camber, 1/16" toe out, 120 litre aluminium drop tank, dual 3.5" exhaust

Full details etc can be found at http://www.litre8.com/



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