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Brock B'Ute

This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Brock Ford
  • Model:B'Ute
  • Year:1988

This Brock Ford B'Ute is all pretty much complete with its original matching numbers engine still and you can still see where the "Shannons" stickers were attached on the paint.

The ute needs a bit of TLC but will make a great project and it's my intention to restore it to its original spec, complete with Shannons livery.

Peter Brock only built one ute and he built it for the late Rob Shannon (Shannons Insurance). This vehicle was well known by motoring writer Joe Kenwright.

It is finished in Monza Red, is a 4.1 litre, T-bar auto with bucket seats, power steering & air conditioning.

The interior, as with all Brock Fords, was re-trimmed by Paratus Industries and it still has its original trim.

The only thing missing when I bought it were the original rims but I have sourced a set of genuine Brock rims to bring it back to original.

The following is from an article which appeared in the Melbourne Herald-Sun on May 17, 2002. 

- - - -

We were looking at building a '58 Ford Mainline with modern engine, auto, brakes and rubber when Robert (Shannon) called me out to look at a new Brock XF Falcon ute he was assessing for insurance.

Brock had pre-empted the special ute market by many years with this vehicle.

A similar shade of red to the Porsches, it was stunning.

Robert bought the ute on the spot, saying it was something his company could grow into. He was right, it later proved to be a crowd puller wherever it went.

I loved that ute. So did Robert. As we were both intensely competitive, we would set up mock challenges to see who would drive it home at night.

Brock's transformation of the agricultural XF was beyond belief. However, as we found when we regularly loaded it with tools and luggage ready to chase Team Shannons entries across the country, he had managed to preserve its hardworking capabilities.

At our 1989 grand prix debut, we copped some flack for being too intimidating - an impression helped, no doubt, by the Brock ute.

Not even the classic racing world was ready for a ute as wicked as this one.

© Copyright Joe Kenwright 2002


  • 4.1L Engine
  • T-Bar Auto
  • Bucket Seats
  • Monza Red
  • Power Steering
  • Air Conditioning
  • Paratus Trim

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