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1989 Holden Torana

This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Holden
  • Model:Torana
  • Year:1989

I purchased this car from Monto in QLD as a rust free and fairly stock standard example of GMH history. Both my wife and i owned UC toranas when we met in out teens. 

Its undergone extensive upgrades over the last couple of years with a full respray, engine upgrade and supoercharger installation


  • 173 Red Motor
  • YellaTerra 12 port aluminium head
  • M90 Supercharger
  • Direct injection inlet Manifold
  • Wasted spark ignition system
  • High volume fuel delivery system
  • 3 Core Aluminium radiator
  • Twin Thermo fans
  • 5 speed W50 steel case Celica gear box
  • Mal Wood Hydraulic under dash clutch
  • 17" performance wheels

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