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Brock Fairlane

  • The badge that makes it what it is!
  • Side on, showcasing the shadow tone paintwork and custom rims
This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Ford
  • Model:Brock Fairlane
  • Year:1990

Did you hear the story about Allan Moffat racing Group A Commodores and Peter Brock building special Falcons while Holden enlisted a Scotsman to do Brock’s job?

For a while there in the late-1980s and early-’90s, the local muscle car world turned upside down, with old allegiances meaning very little when it came to survival in a world no longer driven by V8 engines and motorsport.

But the most amazing chapter of this time is one that few people know about: the period when Peter Brock turned his back on Holden and started building special Fords featuring the EA Falcon’s powerful new multi-point overhead camshaft six.

Joe Kenwright (http://www.uniquecarsmag.com.au/news-and-reviews/article/articleid/41651.aspx)


  • Two tone paint scheme
  • Between 164 and 167 kW (220 - 225 bhp), up from 138 kW standard
  • Porting and polishing the head
  • Increasing the standard compression ratio and fitting an extractor exhaust system.
  • Exhaust system allows a freer flow of exhaust.
  • Two groups of pipes, the front 3 and the rear 3 blending into two tailpipes.
  • Both catalytic converters are mounted closer to the engine allowing them to heat up more quickly on initial start up, improving
  • Stainless steel heat shield to protect wiring and hoses from the greater heat generated from the extractors.
  • Self levelling rear suspension replaced with a re-rated shock absorber system developed by Monroe Wylie together with recalibrat
  • Monroe Wylie Shock Absorber System (GTi) acts like a variable rate setup - stiffening at high speeds and softening again at low
  • Standard ice cube tray and grill painted black
  • Brock wheels with colour keyed centre pieces that blend with the bumpers.
  • 16 inch wheels with a 7 inch rim width, mated with low profile Bridgestone RE71 tyres in 225/50 X 16 size, Z-rated to 240km/h
  • Leather bound sports steering wheel, contoured front sports seats, all new interior trim with previously unused designer fabric.
  • The competition Fairlane also included a Mitsubishi Electric car phone with hands free and port-a-pak operation, state of the ar
  • Finally, the competition vehicle was protected with a Cobra sonic car alarm.

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