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'94 NC Fairlane Ghia V8

This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Ford
  • Model:Fairlane Ghia
  • Year:1994

This is a February '94 NC Fairlane. It was made one month prior to the release of the NC II Fairlane, and therefore still has NC I alloy wheels and grey side mouldings and bumpers. But it has the CFC-free Climate control, coloured exterior door handles, and other features of the NC II.

It is 1 of 140 built to this specification as a V8, in Argon Silver D7, with the only option being the transmission cooler.
According to the verification letter from Ford, it went to a dealer in Victoria. However in the car's records, the first owner in the book was in WA, and bought it in '96. So it is unknown where the car was for the first 2 years. 
At some stage the Sunroof was fitted in the car's first 2 years. Bull-bar and 2300kg tow bar were fitted by the first owner in 1998.
I believe it changed hands and moved down to Denmark WA in around 2010, where it lived until mid-2013 when it was sold and moved to Dunsborough and later, Perth. December 2017 I purchased the car as a unregistered project.

It needs work, including some rust repairs and oil leaks and other things to tidy it up.

I've fitted a velour DC LTD interior including the electric seats, velour console and velour pillar trims. I plan to do some engine work, along with suspension and change the wheels, as well as make a 'chin' to fit under the bullbar to give the car a more finished look (as shown in the last last uploaded image). At this stage I intend on keeping the bullbar.
The plan is for it to be a nice cruiser for weekends/special occasions/whenever I feel like driving it.


  • 5.0L Windsor V8 - 165kw 388nm
  • 4-speed BTR Automatic with transmission cooler
  • Premium Sound Alpine stereo & in-boot CD stacker
  • Aftermarket sunroof
  • Genuine Ford front sunvisor, rear window louvre, and mudflaps
  • Self-levelling rear air suspension
  • Argon Silver - D7

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