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AUII Falcon RTV Wagon

This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Ford
  • Model:AUII Falcon RTV Wagon
  • Year:2001

This is a 2001 AUII Falcon Futura wagon... or rather, it was when I got it.

It has since been fitted with BA RTV suspension and subframe, as well as reset rear leafs and the full locking RTV rear differential. 

·       4.0L 'Intech' Straight 6, original engine and tranmission

·       4 sp BTR auto, fitted with adjustable elec shift kit

·       Full 2.5" sports exhaust, Pacemaker 4499 headers, high flow cat, single muffler catback

·       Suspension from BA-BF Falcon RTV ute, full front-end subframe and suspension (crossmembers, springs, struts, upper control arm brackets, swaybar, spindles, brake hoses), rear leaf springs raised, and RTV rear shocks

·       Rear diff from BA-BF RTV ute, Dana-Spicer Model 86, 3:46 with electronically controlled, vacuum operated dog-tooth locker

·       CSA Magnum 15x7" +10mm wheels, with 235/75/15 BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2 tyres

·       TJM Airtec snorkel, made specifically for the AU Falcon (there was also one available for BA-BF)

·       Factory option alloy bull-bar with built in 'shock aborber' mount design

·       Factory option AU-BF 3mm steel sump guard

·       BA front and rear brakes, with Safebrake braided RTV brake hoses

·       & much more...

Interior mods include : Complete Fairlane Sportsman/LTD black leather interior, featuring factory colour Sat-Nav, 10-way power front seats, Climate control and trip computer, Silver-faced T-series cluster, Ford 250w Premium sound head unit, 6" Pioneer front speakers, Fairlane A-pillar tweeters, twin 8" subwoofers, Fairmont Ghia carpet, Leather/woodgrain MOMO steering wheel, full power windows, sound deadening etc...


Inspired by the BA Falcon RTV Ute, it is built to be a capable all-rounder - daily drive, mild off-roader, camper. The raised RTV suspension set up, all-terrain tyres, and locking rear diff, give it an uncanny off-road ability that far exceeds expectations.
There have been moments where I have been on 4WD tracks, accompanied by 4WDs, and the RTV Wagon has been able to easily drive a section of track, that non-diff-locked 4WDs struggle, or fail to drive. The locker provides constant drive to the rear wheels where many vehicles end up spinning diagonal wheels uselessly. It's lighter weight, and low centre of gravity are also huge advantages. With tyre pressures lowered, it's also surprisingly capable in sand, having completed many coastal tracks and a number of beaches, including visiting West Cape Howe.



  • 4.0L Intech Straight-6 - 157kw 357nm
  • TJM Airtec Snorkel
  • 2300kg tow bar
  • Winter White - A1

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