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2005 Holden Monaro CV8Z

Monaro CV8Z
This listing is information only, it is not for sale
  • Make:Holden
  • Model:Monaro CV8Z
  • Year:2005

This is my Monaro CV8Z, it is the first (and probably the last) V8 I have ever owned. It is a stock LS1 with a 6 speed Manual transmission, the first manual I had driven for over 30 years, took me a while to remember I had 6 gears and not 4.

It is essentially a stock car except for the 20 inch wheels which were on it when I bought it. It had a big stereo in it when I bought it, I upgraded to an Alipne double din head unit.

The car looks great (well I think so at least!) and goes great, even though I havent given it a really hard push, I have lapped it around Barbagallo, and taken it to a whoop Ass Wednesday, though times will remain non disclosed because I cant drive!

The car is a keeper, the kays are getting up there so I try not to drive if I can avoid it, but it is a daily, so if there is no other choice, then it gets driven.